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I don’t have enough time to see any real benefits?

Updated: May 19, 2021

Do you have this thought process in your head that if you haven’t got a full hour to spare twice a week then there’s no point in starting a qigong practise? That there wouldn’t be any benefit because you haven’t got enough time to dedicate to it?

This is far from the truth! A few minutes here and a few minutes there are better than no minutes at all.

If you.....

  • Only have 5 minutes

  • Are still in your PJ’s

  • Are on your lunch break at work

  • Are about to take an important business call or meeting

  • Are waiting for the kettle to boil

  • Are waiting for the bath to run

  • Are watching the ad breaks on TV

It’s all good!

There are no rules to say how long we should practise for or what we should wear, or where we should stand. One thing that is certain is that if we let these scenarios become a barrier to stop us practising at all then we will never see the benefits of this truly amazing practise.

The benefits start working their magic even within a few deep nourishing breaths as the nervous system starts to calm down. The benefits are numerous and the list is long, here are a few reasons why qigong is great for you

  • Calm down from stress naturally and quickly

  • Go to sleep peacefully and wake-up in the morning feeling rested and refreshed.

  • Absorb healthy nutrition for all your body’s cellular needs. A calm nervous system helps the cells in your gut to suck up all the good vitamins and minerals and also excrete toxic waste products (um, poop!) with ease and frequency.

  • Repair and regenerate your cells and body tissue at a harmonious speed that isn’t too slow and isn’t too fast, but is JUST right for your own unique needs.

  • Think and create with crystal clear focus and not always be stuck in a ‘brain-fog’.

  • Be productive in the projects, work and tasks you do on any given day.

  • Steer away from harmful people who create chaos and strife in your life.

  • Parent with greater ease, better boundaries and more empathy (even in those really tough times)!

  • Engage in meaningful relationships that nurture and provide safety for you.

  • Trigger your body’s own innate self healing power both physically and emotionally.

  • Have abundant energy all day, avoid afternoon slumps and falling into bed at night totally exhausted and mentally drained.

  • Deal with stressful situations.

The list goes on........

Start to cultivate your own practise on your own terms. Whether you only have 5 minutes here and there or the luxury of a full hour the time to start in now.

Gotta dash, fitting in 5 minutes before the next thing on my todo list!

Be sure to check out my 30 Days of Qigong video series - 5 Minutes a Day!

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