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Spring Equinox - a perfect balance.

Updated: May 19, 2021

Spring equinox. One of only two times during the year where day and night are equal in length.

Equal. Balanced. Harmonious.

Where push and pull have equal force.

Yin and Yang dancing perfectly together.

We can see the dark and light side of the Yin Yang symbol and yet at some indistinct point the seamlessly meld into one whole.

It’s a time when we can observe the duality that is all around us. Without sad there is no happy. Without up there is no down. They are opposites but cannot exist without one another. Two become one.

And yet rarely do we feel this harmony within ourselves. There is always something pulling us in one direction and pushing us in another. Demanding children, an exhausting & stressful job, financial worries, self criticism.

Take some time over this spring equinox to cultivate some personal balance. To realign with Earths unwavering, unstoppable natural rhythm.

Find the opposite forces within your self, give them a gentle nudge and help them unite.

What do you need to do as part of your self care routine to foster balance inside and out this Spring Equinox?

Here are a few suggestion

  • Do a qigong class

  • Take a walk in nature

  • Watch some wildlife

  • Switch the TV off and read a book

  • Pamper yourself

  • Call a friend and have a catch up

  • Have some alone time

  • Make & create - make your favourite meal - maybe you've got a hobby and a half finished project

I’ll leave you with an ancient poem from The Tao Te Ching that sums up these opposing forces perfectly.

When the people of the Earth all know beauty as beauty,

There arises (the recognition of) ugliness.

When the people of the Earth all know the good as good,

There arises (the recognition of) evil.


Being and non-being inter-depend in growth;

Difficult and easy inter-depend in completion;

Long and short inter-depend in contrast;

High and low inter-depend in position;

Tones and voice inter-depend in harmony;

Front and behind inter-depend in company.

Therefore a Wise-man:

Manages affairs without action;

Preaches the doctrine without words;

All things take their rise, but he does not turn away from them;

He gives them life, but does not take possession of them;

He acts, but does not appropriate;

Accomplishes, but claims no credit.

It is because he lays claim to no credit

That the credit cannot be taken away from him.

- Lao Tzu

Find your balance and have fun along the way.

Happy Spring Equinox!

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