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Spring. Reset. Renew.

Updated: May 19, 2021

Spring. Now. Feels like the natural and appropriate place to start a first blog.

New venture.

New adventure.

New beginnings.

New life.


Spring, not just for nature, not just me, not just for you. An all encompassing unstoppable energy patiently waiting for the right moment to burst forth, grow and spill out.

Now, not yesterday, not tomorrow, but right now.

Together both of these create a powerful force and something magical starts to creep in and gently fill us with potential and possibility.

Have you felt that invisible force? That silent transition from winter to spring. Feeling the shift from thinking and contemplating to moving and doing.

Contemplating a healthier more vibrant you, finding yourself here now. Mind and body working symbiotically to lead you to explore new potential.

Allow Qigong to help you tap into this unstoppable force of nature that gently delivered you here, embrace this wonderful fresh energy of springtime.

Learn how to tap in to all spring has to offer, new potential, fresh outlook, new ideas, growth, the future.

See how The Wood Element of spring nourishes the Liver, Gallbladder, eyes and vision. See how it can transform our emotions of frustration and anger and make space for kindness and generosity. See how we can calm our nervous system. See how we can find our own inner strength and find resiliency.

See your potential.

Feel your potential.

Honouring the the solitude of winter and the wisdom it offers, and embracing spring as it creeps up to greet us.

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