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Word of Mouth

I’ve been so lucky to have received online Chi Gong with Emma. It was new to me but I’m now hooked. Emma keeps it fun and light hearted, she has always explained the breathing and moves brilliantly, also the benefits they have on your body. It’s helped my frozen shoulder so much. It has been a great stress relief and has helped me connect with myself again, thank you Emma x x

Clare Storr

Emma is calm & patient and takes an interest in your life style, worries & health challenges.
Any problems I’ve discussed with her she has gone away & researched to offer me the greatest benefits to the practise of Qigong, explaining each step of the way.

Lynne Nwokobia

Thank you Emma for a great session. It was relaxing, gentle and invigorating and yet a good workout. I really love the way you describe each move, and the good it is doing to your body. I would really recommend Emma to anyone that wants to learn about energy and breath work, and help their mind and body.

Lucy - Sweden

Really enjoyed the 1-1 session with Emma. I'm a total newbie to Qigong so didn't know what to expect but Emma's pace and verbal prompts were spot on. It is actually true Qigong does leave you feeling very calm yet totally energised at the same time. I'm a convert and will definitely be having more sessions!

Steffan lancaster

Wanted something that would help with anxiety due to being in lockdown, tried yoga but my body doesn't bend that way. Loved this though, can't believe how much you can generate energy stood in one spot. By the end I felt much more relaxed and also Emma showed me a couple of simple things I can do when I feel anxious. Can highly recommend if you are suffering with depression and anxiety.

Tracey Burns

So pleased I found Qigong with Emma. Most instructors online are in America so was chuffed to find someone in the UK. Prices for 1-1 I thought are reasonable but excellent value for group classes. I had a couple of 1-1 sessions to get me started. I have a stressful job and not much time so I really wanted something that I could see results from, felt calmer after just 1 session and also the breathing helps me through the day. All the moves are easy to follow which is good because my coordination is not the best, the instruction is really easy to follow.

Kim Sharpe

I was drawn to Qigong with Emma because of the free taster session, I've never done Qigong before so didn't really know what to expect but Emma is an absolute star! She was very welcoming and took some time at the beginning of the session to find out a , the class was fun but I also learned things too. Everything was a lot more easy that I imagined and even in 20 minute (actually it was longer than that) I knew I was going to love it so I booked another session. I urge anyone to try the free taster session if you are a bit unsure. Thanks Emma :) x

Sarah North

Have feedback you’d like to share? Don’t hesitate to reach out, I’d love to hear it.

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